RKY’s 10 Favorite TV Shows

Before we get started here, this list contains spoilers. So if you’re planning on watching some of these shows, you probably should stop reading now. Thanks for the pageview though. Also, this list is my FAVORITE shows, not necessarily the best. If you want to argue that one show is better than another, then go ahead, but this list is where the shows rank in my heart.

10. Prison Break

Recently finished Prison Break and I gotta say it was awesome. Action packed drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Only knock on it is that it’s a tad unrealistic. It’s the kind of show where you can just keep watching it on Netflix for hours on end (Ya boy Lange finished all 81 episodes in 15 days). Also provided some tear-jerking moments which a softie like me can appreciate at times. Also, Michael’s death was kind of unnecessary. Series could have just ended with everyone living happily ever after, but they chose to rip my heart out by killing the main character. But if you don’t cry during the scene at Michael’s grave or his video to Lincoln and Sara, then you don’t have a goddamn heart. RIP John Abruzzi.

9. Family Guy

If you think South Park is funnier than Family Guy, then fuck you. Not knocking South Park, but Family Guy is by far the best outlandish cartoon comedy out there. They cross so many lines and make you feel like a bad person for laughing, but that’s what makes it great. Nothing worse than when you’re watching Family Guy on TBS, then Big Bang Theory comes on. Fuck that show. Zero respect for any guy who finds that show funny.

8. Seinfeld

Some may disagree with me ranking Seinfeld 8th, but remember, this is my goddamn list. But don’t interpret this ranking as disrespect, Seinfeld is great. If you tell me Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all-time, I probably won’t disagree with you. Only knock on Seinfeld is the pretty dumb ending with Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer going to jail. Most people also didn’t like the ending, but it doesn’t take away from one of the best shows ever.

7. Homeland

Homeland isn’t what it used to be due to some crazy, twisted storylines, but it’s still a great show as far as I’m concerned. Season 1 could have been the greatest season of television I’ve ever watched. Season 2 was still very good, but unfortunately had some unrealistic moments. Season 3 started off slow, but eventually picked up and dropped a huge shocker on viewers with Brody’s death. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Season 4 goes with Brody dead, and Saul retired. Homeland is a great show, but it could be top 3 on this list if it weren’t for some of the weaknesses it has showed these last two seasons.

6. Breaking Bad

My first month here at UConn was completely dedicated to Breaking Bad. Only knock on Breaking Bad is that the first two seasons were kinda slow (Took Walt like 6 episodes to kill one guy), but I guess that’s part of the drastic transformation Walt underwent. There were so many crazy, mind boggling moments in BB even before Hank blew the lid on Walt’s meth empire. Ozymandias could be the best episode of TV I’ve ever watched, and the two episodes after that were just as bananas. And it’s ending was perfect. Walt deserved to die, and if you were rooting for him to get away, then you are probably a sick fuck.

5. The Office

Some people say they don’t like The Office’s dry humor, but that’s because those people have no sense of humor. I watched The Office religiously from Season 5 until the end, and have seen every episode. Just too many classic and hilarious moments to fit into this paragraph. Even after Michael left, I still thought the show was just as funny as it had always been. Plus, it’s ending was perfect. If you didn’t tear up at the end, then you are just not a real Office fan.

4. The King of Queens

I’ve watched this show for a really long time, and can still laugh hysterically at every episode. The combination of Doug and Arthur is one of the funniest in TV history. Doug Heffernan is one of the funniest characters out there, and you’re a fool if you don’t think so. Every episode pretty much follows the “Doug does something stupid, gets into a fight with Carrie, then they make up at the end”, and it’s hilarious every time. It’s basically The Honeymooners which makes it so classic. The ending of the series was also great with Doug and Carrie ending up with 2 kids, and Arthur moving back in after his 4th marriage didn’t work out.

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

My number one comedy is the best comedy to ever grace television. Sunny fans are a certain brand of people and I swear I could become friends with any Sunny fan out there. I feel like Office fans and Sunny fans are very similar people, which means we have by far the best sense of humors. Sunny and Seinfeld are similar in that the characters are self-centered assholes, but Sunny is 10 times more ridiculous than Seinfeld in regards to what the characters do. There’s a certain brand of people who know Sunny is the funniest show out there. The show might be nearing its end now, but I think it can be funny for however long they want to keep it going.

2. Game of Thrones

I have an unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones. Surround me with fellow fans, and I think I can talk for 3 hours about the show. It has so many soul-crushing moments, but that’s what makes it so good. No character is safe at any time which sucks, but at the same time it’s awesome. And there’s so many different storylines going on, and each one is just as cool as the next. Personally, I think Stannis Baratheon would be the best ruler of Westeros, but first my boy has to go take care of the White Walkers. I’ve had a countdown going on for a few months now until Season 4 premieres (33 days…). The North Remembers.

1. The Sopranos

And my favorite show of all-time is none other than The Sopranos. I chose to start watching after James Gandolfini died, and it was top 3 best decisions of my life. My entire summer was dominated by the best show ever. First off, it’s based in the best state in the Union, beautiful New Jersey. Second, it has so many shocking moments, mixed with unbelievable acting, that it makes for the perfect show. From Richie Aprile dying, to Pussy dying, to Jackie Jr dying to Ralph dying, to Adriana dying, to Christopher dying, to Bacala dying, it was all just insane. A lot of people criticize the ending, but personally I loved it. If you really paid attention to the endings of previous episodes, you almost could have seen this coming. Would have been very un-Sopranos if Tony got shot and killed and the show ended. My theory is that Tony did get killed (there are some clues if you really analyze the last scene and previous major events in the series). Still though, Butch did agree not to seek revenge after Tony’s guys killed Phil, but who the fuck knows. The ending didn’t piss me off because the series was just so good before that. And if you’re not willing to watch the whole series because of the ending, then you’re a fool. The Sopranos isn’t just my favorite show ever, it’s gotta be the best too.

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