Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito Update

Just wanted to say that I can’t believe this is still in the news. If you think Richie Incognito is some evil guy, then you’re probably an asshole. If you’re a guy who has friends, you know that the way Martin and Incognito talked to each other is just your typical guy conversation. It’s pretty clear that Martin had some depression issues so I won’t call him a pussy like I have before. But the way he’s handled this whole fiasco is despicable. He’s made Incognito out to be the bad guy here. Incognito obviously had no idea that Martin’s problems were so serious. I’m sure he would have chilled out with the insults if he knew about it. Incognito clearly thought of Martin as a friend and treated him like he would treat any other friend. He’s not a bad guy. He’s your typical douchebag jock who LOVES hookers, but that doesn’t make him evil. It would be a travesty if a team doesn’t sign him. He’s a very good player and deserves another shot. Martin and his camp have made him the scapegoat, and anyone with a brain can tell you Incognito isn’t at fault. Hopefully, Martin gets his issues sorted out, and if not, I really don’t think he’d be able to handle an NFL locker room again. Gun to my head I say Incognito plays next year, while Martin doesn’t. Bottom line is that the “friendship” of Martin and Incognito was probably the worst combination of all-time. The two guys are really polar opposites besides the fact that they’re both fat football players. Let’s hope this mess ends soon.

P.S. Are we really still talking about a bullying problem in the NFL? Bullying? In the NFL? C’mon now.

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