More UConn Madness…5 Months Later

Aaaaaaaand we’re back,

Sorry to my DBS faithful about the no post summer.  Big mistake; big, big mistake (Chris Farley SNL Japanese Game Show:  SKIP TO 2 MINUTES).  I’m back and better then ever.  On this lovely Tuesday morning, coming from you in Storrs, CT I’d like to welcome you back to the upcoming school year with a little #TBT to when the UConn Huskies won a national championship and the Husky faithful responded in raucous ways.  I was able to capture this video in the midst of the riot, enjoy.




FTB Friday

FTB Friday- There’s been many FTB Moments this week but I think it’s only appropriate to dedicate this FTB Friday to the men and women who lost their lives defending the innocent thirteen years and one day ago- 9/11/2001. One of the most, if not the most, FTB Moment of the history of the United States.

By The Boys, For The Boys. One Nation, Under God.


What a Weird-ass Weekend In Sports

Seeing RKY blog again really inspired me to hop back on the DBS train, so let me recap this weekend.

Antonio Brown: More than anything, his kick to the face of the Browns’ punter was simply confusing as fuck.  Sure I laughed out loud all 50+ times I’ve watched the vine of it, but when you look at it, he had an easy score.  Why the kick?  There’s no way he had some personal vendetta against that punter, there’s no way he thought it could be an effective move to get past him, into the endzone, and it really didn’t look at all like it was ever intended to be a hurdle.  What the fuck.

Patriots: Worst half of football I’ve seen since the first half of the Broncos game in New England last year.  Offensive line looked like a god damn block of swiss cheese, Tom missed throws he doesn’t miss, Amendola was invisible, and the run game was irrelevant.  Defensively I’m even more concerned.  The front 7 being healthy again and giving up 200 yards on the ground was absolutely terrible.  Chandler played like shit, Vince was solid, Nink got subbed out on sub packages which left him playing like half of the snaps as opposed to pretty much all last year (confusing AF), linebackers tried to do too much, and the secondary was eh.  Whatever, season doesn’t matter ’til January.

Ray Rice: Not a great look for Goodell and the NFL here.  Little Ray Ray should obviously have been cut by the Ravens when this whole thing first came out, but the real troubling thing with this is Goodell saying the NFL never saw that second video that TMZ released yesterday.  As if NOBDOY working for the NFL knew there were cameras in elevators in a damn casino.  I’m pretty sure the court had to see this because they are legally obligated to ask for all evidence, so wouldn’t you think the NFL would do the same?  Nope, suspend the guy 2 games and call it a day.  Good shit, Rog.

Mets: Only 6 games under and 6.5 games out of the wild card with 18 to go.  7 back in 17 has been done, why not 6.5 in 18?** And what the fuck are they doing not calling up Syndergaard for September?  Call him up, go to a six man rotation and maybe make the fans happy by giving them a real glimpse of their future like the Cubs are with Baez, Soler etc.  

**They’re the Mets

Penn State: RKY nailed this one so I won’t say much more but damn, that school has to be some sort of cult.  Weird shit.

Hawks’ Owner: I didn’t read the entirety of the e-mail, but it definitely wasn’t as racist as I thought.  He pretty much said there are too many black people which is a little fucked up, however, if their crowds were all white and he had said “I want to diversify our crowd and bring in more minorities”, people would look at it as something great, which I don’t get at all.  Has to go both ways.  I don’t have a problem with him wanting more white people at his games.

Sports Gambling Legal in NJ: I’m not 21, nor am I a gambler, but this is pretty cool I guess.

LeSean McCoy: $0.20 tip on a $60 bill?  C’mon now Shady that’s fucked up.  If I can give a 10-20% tip everytime I go out to eat, I’m sure you can too.

Derek Jeter Day: Vomit.  Everywhere.

I’ll end this article by leaving a link to arguably the funniest video I’ve ever seen.  Fat guys, fat guy scooters, fat wives, fat guys getting pushed off of their fat guy scooters, the word “cunt”, this video is perfect.  10/10.

I’ll never, ever not laugh after seeing him flop around like a fat fucking fish out of water screaming “help!” and subsequently yelling “my fucking scooter, you bitch!” after she runs it over.  I’d feel bad if I didn’t share this with DBS Nation.  One love.

Penn State Being Penn State

I’m making my return to DBS after an almost two month long absence because my blood is BOILING. Penn State students rallying and chanting to put back up the Joe Paterno statue. Honestly, I think the only place on this Earth filled with more brainwashed and delusional people than Happy Valley is North Korea. I would say I’m shocked by what’s going on tonight, but when I think about it, how could I be? They just can’t accept the facts. Joe Paterno knew that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children and didn’t do enough. Sure he reported it to his higher ups but c’mon now. (If a teacher sees a kid getting sexually assaulted on school grounds, does he/she go to the principal or the cops? Penn State students would tell you the principal because they worship this enabler). When 10 years go by, and you realize that Sandusky isn’t behind bars, that would probably alarm a person right? Maybe someone like me or you, but not Joe Pa. I mean the guy had a football program to run. What’s more important, winning games or stopping kids from getting diddled? I don’t understand Penn State and never will. Happy Valley is a fantasy land compared to the rest of the world, and sadly that will never change. If it’s revealed tomorrow that Jim Calhoun (who won more national championships in less years than the “legendary” Joe Pa NBD, but KBD) was letting kids get raped for 10 years, I don’t think anyone would complain if they change the name of Jim Calhoun Way in front of Gampel. But hey, I guess Storrs just lacks the brainwashed, cult mentality that is ever so present in Happy Valley. #WeAre

Story Sunday

So this is NOT going to be a weekly event but I had a story to tell and needed a title to give.

So I was at the Spring Woodsmen meet last year and we were at the crosscut stand. Each competitor is supposed to be in their team uniform, but this one kid from Finger Lakes Community College (pshhht… idiot) has on a bright pink shirt with the phrase, “Free hotdogs. Bring your own Buns” on it. Clearly, this is not a team uniform, and my coach was not thrilled. The kid with the pink shirt made a controversial cut, and my coach claimed it was an illegal cut. My coach picked up the wood cookie to ask an official for a definite ruling, and the kid in the pink shirt tried to stop him. In return, my coach said, “Respect your elders you little shit. I will fucking kill you”

FTB Friday

Klew is OUT…. FTB moment of the week: Introducing the PowerHour to Fairfield Hall. Sorry Pat.. haters gonna hate. Dart Boys, For the Boys

FTB Friday

Party in Fairfield 307

FTB Friday entails that I am never FTB… Always for the ladies

Holding doors, getting poon, lovin life


Side Note: UConn football starts tonight… ask me if I’m pumped.

Answer: yes, fuck yes

Side note to the side note: ALways FTB

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